How to connect to the RAID server

You must be on a mac machine and have a UVA eservices netbadge login. The server is behind the UVA firewall so you will need the UVA anywhere VPN to access the server at all. 

  • Press Command + k in Finder to open the Connect to server prompt
  • To connect to the Shared Server, you must be on a mac machine.

  • Connect to smb://
Connect to server with smb


  • You'll be prompted to enter in your credentials. Login as a **Registered User** and enter you computing ID and password.

  • If you're on a personal computer you can check remember this password in keychain.

Connect to server with keychain


  • If the server doesn't appear in your finder sidebar you will need to go into preferences and make sure it is set to show connected servers

Connect to server


  • If you still don't have access, message miles on slack as it means you don't have an eservices account or that IT needs to give your eservices account access. Contact Mary Beth in IT if you know you have an eservices account. Contact Miles if you need to get an eservices account.