Apply to join the media team

We're seeking out creative and tech savvy students who want to learn how to create content for the cooper center. Are you familiar with or interested in doing any of the following?

  • Shooting video on modern equipmentmedia lab
  • Editing video in Premiere Pro
  • Interviewing and journalism
  • Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter content strategy
  • Writing articles and web publishing
  • Photo editing
  • Recording podcasts
  • Organizing and planning mailchimp campaigns
  • Web development and software development

If any of those jobs appeal to you and you're looking to build a content portfolio, please apply to join the Cooper Center Media Team.

Here's an example video that showcases what we're going to ask you to create.

Are you a UVA student?
Are you interested in an intern position?
What kind of work are you interested in?