Back It Up! How to Secure Your Video Data

As media content creators, the number one thing we all (should) fear is losing what we worked hours to capture and edit together. I'm sure those of you reading this recall at least one piece of data lost to the ether you'll never recover because it was not backed up. Going forwards for the rest of this year, you should make it your resolution to back up your data at each step in your video creation process. Why? So you don't log on one day unable to find any of your projects (as I recently have), with this look on your face:

An image of a shocked Pikachu

Initial Transfer: From Source to Designated Local Capture & Export Folders

At the Cooper Center's media office, we transfer our captured content into our local computers first. As seen below, we create a "Capture" folder for the original video sources taken from the SD cards used and an "Export" folder for the ingested mp4 versions of our initial sources. This ensures we can draw on them when editing in Premiere.

Capture and Export folder on local Mac computer

From Local to External Backup Drives

As many filmmakers know, backing your data up on an external drive saves you from the heartbreak of seeing data lost to a computer crash destroy your project. We avoid such disaster by saving our material on backup drives with identical naming structures to what we use in our local computer folders and local shared servers. Our Prelude projects, Premiere sequences, exports, and initial captures all get backed up on an external drive. This way, we can restore our work at any time.

Backup External Drive

The Ultimate Protection: Online Data Storage

 If all else fails, we have one final defense against losing data: online storage. While computers sometimes crash and external drives may be lost or stolen, online data can never simply be lost so easily. Hence, uploading each core component of your content creation process ensures you can recreate it at any moment later when needed. We upload our original source material, exports, Prelude projects, and Premiere sequences to do just that. By following this crucial step in addition to the ones above, you will have a robust system protecting your data.

Image of online data storage example