Kimball Sheehan

Head shot of Kimball
Media Team Intern

My name is Kimball! I go to Western Albemarle High School. As a Media Center intern for the Weldon Cooper Center, I assist in various ways. I sort files in the Adobe Library along with capturing and editing photographs and videos.

Where are you from?

Auckland, New Zealand.

What brought you to the Cooper Center? 

I heard about it from a UVA student. He went to the Summer Leadership program that Sorensen offers. Also, my parents knew of it since they attended UVA. The Weldon Cooper Center appealed to me, and I really enjoyed looking through all of the projects they were working on -- especially BeHeardCVA. I was able to volunteer at a cultural festival to raise awareness about the project. 

What is something you are passionate about?

I am passionate about swimming. I have been swimming since I was six years old. Also, I have been coaching for the Boar's Head Swim Team for seven years. I love teaching others how to swim! I think everyone should be given this opportunity, which is why I also volunteer for Ben Hair Just Swim For Life. 

Where is the next place you would like to travel?

New Zealand. I would love to go back!