Using the mixer for Podcast Interviews

I like to have my set up of my laptop hooked up to a charger on the main table. I usually sit at the side with closest access to the mixer.

You will need:

  • Two sets of over the ear headphones
  • At least two mics (depending on how many people you are interviewing) - listed in order of preference
    • Nady Microphone
    • Fender p-51
    • Behringer microphones
  • The corresponding cords that plug into all of the devices
  • Adobe Audition


Picture of Mixer



Set up steps

  1. Open Audition on your laptop then plug the mixer USB into the laptop.
  2. Adjust the setting in audition so that the input will go through the mixer then the output is the internal mic.
  3. Plug two headphones into the mixer, put through the headphone jack split piece 
  4. Plug in the microphones, to port 1 & 2, also 3 if you have an extra guest. In terms of which microphones - I prefer the Nady myself or the Behringers. Make sure you check the mics through which port you plug them into, and keep the headset dial higher (but don't blow out your ears) so that you can fully hear everything. You want to make sure that you are listening to both the audio going through the mixer, as well as checking the level on Audition. I took a photo of the mixer settings that are the best for reference. Make sure that the levels you have are showing yellow in Audition, which would mean they are peaking between ideally -12 and -6. This ensures that if someone is to laugh or make a loud noise it's less likely to clip out. Once you are listening and it sounds good and both people talking into the mics have good levels, you can start recording!