Connecting to the Backup Server

All of our B-roll, photos, video projects, music, and footage get backed up to the shared media team backup server. To connect to it you need to be in the mygroup of the media team. If you aren't in the group you won't be able to connect to the server. Miles can add you to the group if you don't have access.

Assuming you have access to the mygroup you connect to the server by opening Finder on mac and hitting cmd+k. That will open this dialogue:


You need to enter this address and hit connect. 


In the next window it will ask for your credentials. You want to login as a registered user. You netbadge credentials are your credentials.


Password: your netbadge password

If you are off campus' wifi

Off of campus you must connect to the UVA network through a VPN to access our server. You can't connect to it directly. Follow UVAs instructions on how to setup the Cisco UVA AnyWhere VPN.