Each podcast will revolve around a specific issue that public servants are trying to address, and using interviews with those public servants along with added narrative, explains how public servants are helping with that specific issue. This format allows the public servants who work at the Cooper Center to come on and discuss whatever they have been working on, as we can create an episode or series based on any topic relevant to people in Virginia. We also interview public servants outside of the Cooper Center, which emphasizes the Cooper Center's new push towards an intersectional vision of public service.



Intersections in Public Service is first and foremost a vehicle for the units of the Cooper Center to showcase their projects in a medium that reaches a very wide audience. Podcasts are very popular and accessible, which means that industry experts as well as average citizens can listen and learn from them. For units looking to increase the visibility of their work, this is a great vehicle to do so. Furthermore, the podcast can help provide information to any interested party, which can result in genuine positive change in communities everywhere, especially because every series ends with explaining how listeners can get involved in helping to address the issue we discussed. This podcast will also provide listeners with an increased awareness of the Cooper Center as a whole, and the various facets of what we do. 



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The main bottleneck for creating podcasts is obtaining the interviews. Provided prompt participation from units, we should be able to publish an episode approximately every two weeks.